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International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers. Volume 2. Directors. 4th edition

Автор: Tom & Sara Pendergast
Название: International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers. Volume 2. Directors
Издательство: St.James Press
Год: 2000
Формат: PDF
Размер: 20.6 Мб
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 1324
Международная энциклопедия фильмов и их создателей. Том 2, посященный кинорежиссерам. В издании представлена информация о 483 личностях из разных стран. Каждая статья содержит краткую биография, полную фильмографию, избранные статьи и отзывы критиков о данном человеке.
The book comprises more than 483 entries, consisting of a brief biography, a complete filmography, a selected bibliography of works by and about the entrant, and a critical essay written by a specialist in the field. Since film is primarily a visual medium, the majority of entries are illustrated, either by a portrait or by a representative still from the entrant’s body of work.
The selection of entrants is once again based on the recommendations of the advisory board. It was not thought necessary to propose strict criteria for selection: the book is intended to represent the wide range of interests within North American, British, and West European film scholarship and criticism. The eclecticism in both the list of entrants and the critical stances of the different writers emphasizes the multifarious notions of the cinema, and indeed of the various entrants’ role within it. On the vexing question of authorship in the cinema, it is to be hoped that this volume is properly seen in the context of a series which also focuses on the contribution to the cinema or actors and actresses (Volume 3), along with screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, animators, composers, and other production artists (Volume 4), as well as the individual films themselves (Volume 1).
Non-English language film titles are given in the original language or a transliteration of it, unless they are better known internationally by their English title. Alternate release titles in the original language(s) are found within parentheses, followed by release titles in English (American then British if there is a difference) and translations. The date of a film is understood to refer to its year of release unless stated otherwise.

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